A few days ago we had in the Brazil 17th edition of FISL (International Free Software Forum), had less public compared to previous years but it was quite engaged, especially in the area of communities and we as #Fedora-LatAm ambassadors were there.


Ana Mativi, Rino (@Villadalmine), Itamar Jp, Ezequiel (QliXed) Brizuela, Bruno R. Zanuzzo, Eduardo Echeverria, Junior Wolnei e Daniel Lara. I personally knew only two of those people so it’s nice to see new faces behind the nicknames.

The week at FISL was intense, a lot of people to talk (especially students, both college as schools) we help some of them install Fedora 24, and even guide that distinct group of people interested in contribute with the project in some way.

We certainly had fun doing the quiz (offering stickers), it was an easy way to keep their attention and to talk about the Fedora ecosystem, our four foundations (freedom, friends, features, first) and the effort of so many people around the world helping to build this project to finally get to users. How, Why, What to contribute was also major topics in our talk presented by the whole team.


The event also was cool because we had experienced packagers (@echevemaster, @itamarjp, @pcpa) who were with us, helped me, Ana and Daniel take the first steps with packaging.

And by the way, have you ever attend a IRC meeting in a restaurant? Well, we did and we just did not have a stable connection. It happens.

Have a nice day.


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