Your strategy can cost you dearly

I’ve just read “Why Google beat Yahoo in the war for the Internet” on TechCrunch, a war as we know have more than a decade and I just want to share an insight about approaching problems to find solutions, from Mohit Aron, one of the engineers behind Google File System:

Completely understand the problem before even considering the solution.

When you visualize a problem, start from scratch. Whether you’re an engineer or an entrepreneur (or both), close your eyes to existing solutions and ways of doing things, ignore what has been done before and build your ideal solution. Once you have that, you can determine which existing solutions should be used and what needs to be rebuilt.

It may seem simple and obvious, but the catch is that many variables are often obscure when it comes to long-term and scale, if you start wrong easily it can turn into a snowball and you end up running out of resources or having to invest much more to set things right.

Have a nice day.


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