What I learn from productivity

This subject is popping out a lot lately, everybody wants to be productive, do a thousand tasks using the less resources as possible, especially time.

Well, from what I learn, that’s not gonna happen. Simple as that. It seems that we never rush things up as we do now. In my case, I was saying yes to far more things that I could handle, like: helping someone out, researching and learning something interesting as hobby (like astronomy and space exploration), besides, full-time is harsh.

Then I met Tim Ferris (highly recommend his books, blog, podcast, etc) there is a lot of practical stuff that I learn from him, but the key here is to reduce the workload using the Pareto’s principle. If you are like me, didn’t give so much credit for this during college, you might probably consider do it now, we don’t have much choice if you really want to accomplish something. Also reminds me the Unix philosophy “Do One Thing and Do It Well”.

So, it’s important keep track of the things, not only the toDO list, but the toNotDo list as well.

Beyond making sure you’ve eliminated the tasks that don’t have much value for your mission, it’s essential to maintain good habits, like 10 minutes of meditation earlier morning to relax your mind and body, have a balanced diet to keep full energy and finally, keep experimenting and testing what is best for you. We are not the same, nobody is. But keep in mind that usually we produce more in less time as long we have good habits and eliminate distractions. For some people, is best to have a specific time and place for work and for entertainment, in my case when I’m bored or having a hard time with some problem or even decision, I just drop it, it helped me to find better solutions after a while, sometimes even avoid some problems.

Have a nice day.


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