Fedora at FISL16

The FISL16 (International Forum of Free Software) 2015 happened at PUCRS / Brazil, could be just another event if not for the fact that my first participation as an ambassador of the Fedora Project.

badge fisl16-fedora-stand-2 fisl16-fedora-stand-1

Well, I really enjoyed having represented Fedora, after already joined me officially to the project in June 2014 and since then I have contributed in the areas of QA, translation / revision and finally ambassador.

For me, this is still only a start, but the feeling of being the fedora guy” brings much pride because since I started using the fedora in 2009 there was a clear purpose for me that was what I wanted.


Bruno Zanuzzo, Itamar Reis, Daniel Lara

This event was also very special because personally met other ambassadors Fedora (Daniel and Itamar) and could also catch up with old friends, I hope to be a member increasingly valuable as far as Fedora is for me, considering everything I learn and I experience.


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