A few days ago we had in the Brazil 17th edition of FISL (International Free Software Forum), had less public compared to previous years but it was quite engaged, especially in the area of communities and we as #Fedora-LatAm ambassadors were there.


Ana Mativi, Rino (@Villadalmine), Itamar Jp, Ezequiel (QliXed) Brizuela, Bruno R. Zanuzzo, Eduardo Echeverria, Junior Wolnei e Daniel Lara. I personally knew only two of those people so it’s nice to see new faces behind the nicknames.

The week at FISL was intense, a lot of people to talk (especially students, both college as schools) we help some of them install Fedora 24, and even guide that distinct group of people interested in contribute with the project in some way.

We certainly had fun doing the quiz (offering stickers), it was an easy way to keep their attention and to talk about the Fedora ecosystem, our four foundations (freedom, friends, features, first) and the effort of so many people around the world helping to build this project to finally get to users. How, Why, What to contribute was also major topics in our talk presented by the whole team.


The event also was cool because we had experienced packagers (@echevemaster, @itamarjp, @pcpa) who were with us, helped me, Ana and Daniel take the first steps with packaging.

And by the way, have you ever attend a IRC meeting in a restaurant? Well, we did and we just did not have a stable connection. It happens.

Have a nice day.


Some thoughts about investor mindset

Have you realize that you are also an investor and is constantly allocating resources?

That’s right and just to be clear, by resources I mean everything from money (probably one of the cheapest one) to, of course.. time (probably one of the most expensive).

Why this is important? Our resources are limited and should be invested wisely to achieve short and long-term goals, increase net worth, have a sustainable business or lifestyle and so on.

Keep track of your resources and understand them completely (yes, the math, but even beyond that) because there are times when you need to invest wisely and there are times when you need to drop unnecessary weight, think about it, what hold you back?!

Have a nice day.

Your strategy can cost you dearly

I’ve just read “Why Google beat Yahoo in the war for the Internet” on TechCrunch, a war as we know have more than a decade and I just want to share an insight about approaching problems to find solutions, from Mohit Aron, one of the engineers behind Google File System:

Completely understand the problem before even considering the solution.

When you visualize a problem, start from scratch. Whether you’re an engineer or an entrepreneur (or both), close your eyes to existing solutions and ways of doing things, ignore what has been done before and build your ideal solution. Once you have that, you can determine which existing solutions should be used and what needs to be rebuilt.

It may seem simple and obvious, but the catch is that many variables are often obscure when it comes to long-term and scale, if you start wrong easily it can turn into a snowball and you end up running out of resources or having to invest much more to set things right.

Have a nice day.

Startup Weekend! 3rd place!

Last weekend I attend the Startup Weekend and I have to say, it was pretty awesome. Currently I work in a startup and I’ve been reading about it from a long time, but I never really did something as practical as it was in the event especially about the validation of the idea and was really fun to see how fast and how much we did during the event.

We had 54 hours, and we did it, 3rd place. This shows us that with the right team and motivation, you can make major positive impact on the world.

Sprint vs. Marathon

After some years working with technology I started to realize how important was to “lose weight” to focus on what’s really important.

Training for endurance, things change along the way and you’ll need to adapt and act to keep going, with patience and strength.

Make no mistake, business is marathon whether be startups or not, if you put too much effort in sprints, you may be out of resources to finish your race.

What I learn from productivity

This subject is popping out a lot lately, everybody wants to be productive, do a thousand tasks using the less resources as possible, especially time.

Well, from what I learn, that’s not gonna happen. Simple as that. It seems that we never rush things up as we do now. In my case, I was saying yes to far more things that I could handle, like: helping someone out, researching and learning something interesting as hobby (like astronomy and space exploration), besides, full-time is harsh.

Then I met Tim Ferris (highly recommend his books, blog, podcast, etc) there is a lot of practical stuff that I learn from him, but the key here is to reduce the workload using the Pareto’s principle. If you are like me, didn’t give so much credit for this during college, you might probably consider do it now, we don’t have much choice if you really want to accomplish something. Also reminds me the Unix philosophy “Do One Thing and Do It Well”.

So, it’s important keep track of the things, not only the toDO list, but the toNotDo list as well.

Beyond making sure you’ve eliminated the tasks that don’t have much value for your mission, it’s essential to maintain good habits, like 10 minutes of meditation earlier morning to relax your mind and body, have a balanced diet to keep full energy and finally, keep experimenting and testing what is best for you. We are not the same, nobody is. But keep in mind that usually we produce more in less time as long we have good habits and eliminate distractions. For some people, is best to have a specific time and place for work and for entertainment, in my case when I’m bored or having a hard time with some problem or even decision, I just drop it, it helped me to find better solutions after a while, sometimes even avoid some problems.

Have a nice day.

The developer workstation you’ve been waiting for

The Fedora Developer Portal is here to guide you.

“From mobile apps to web; from desktop GUI to CLI tools Create it all easily with Fedora..”

The main purpose is to help developers to know the tools and technologies that fedora offers for: develop, package and deploy their own code. You as a developer can package your software as an RPM and distribute in your own repository with Copr.

Check it out and get involved!

With more experience, you might also consider submitting your package for review, if accepted, will be available in the official repository of Fedora. It’s great because you will definitely improve the quality of your code and contribute to a community of users and developers.

See the official announcement in the Fedora Magazine.

If you want to learn more about the initiative of the Fedora Developer Portal click here.

Thinking Skill

Hi there!

This weekend I was reflecting about our ultimate tool, thinking skill. But the point is, perhaps it’s time to improve. It’s a constant process.

Then, research! As usual, you need to find something suitable for you. There is a lot of resources for every different issue. You can start googling “how make good decisions” or “how improve thinking” and so on.

Perhaps design thinking, mathematical thinking could help you,, are great resources for this.

Fedora at FISL16

The FISL16 (International Forum of Free Software) 2015 happened at PUCRS / Brazil, could be just another event if not for the fact that my first participation as an ambassador of the Fedora Project.

badge fisl16-fedora-stand-2 fisl16-fedora-stand-1

Well, I really enjoyed having represented Fedora, after already joined me officially to the project in June 2014 and since then I have contributed in the areas of QA, translation / revision and finally ambassador.

For me, this is still only a start, but the feeling of being the fedora guy” brings much pride because since I started using the fedora in 2009 there was a clear purpose for me that was what I wanted.


Bruno Zanuzzo, Itamar Reis, Daniel Lara

This event was also very special because personally met other ambassadors Fedora (Daniel and Itamar) and could also catch up with old friends, I hope to be a member increasingly valuable as far as Fedora is for me, considering everything I learn and I experience.